The Griffin Arts Festival at Willow Brook!

2017 has unanimously been described as our best ever year for our very own Griffin Arts Festival! At Willow Brook, all pupils have experienced amazing workshops, performances and visits on the theme of Utopia. Inspirational visitors have inspired our pupils to dance, sing, act and be artistic! How have we done this? A tradition of artistic excellence flourishes because Willow Brook has a creative team and a strategic vision for the arts. The Griffin Schools Trust has a Director of Perfornace, a Director of Music and a Director of Art and these highly talented professionals ensure artistic quality and the widest provision for all our pupils. There are so many highlights this year but mention must go to our Year 5 Flautists performing at the Waltham Forest Music Festival,  our Year 4 actors performing in James and the Giant Peach in London and on tour, our Year 5 singers performing in the Children’s Opera ‘The Cotton Mill’ and our artists exhibiting their work in the Willow Brook Hub Gallery Space! There is so much to celebrate and to we are incredibly proud of our successful pupils. Thanks to the amazing staff at Willow Brook who make these incredible things happen every day! Book a visit to find out more about the arts at Willow Brook.