Mr Clifford’s Marathon Run


This Sunday Mr Clifford will be running the London Marathon in support of the charity MACS.


This year, 90 families in the UK will be told their babies have no eyes, small eyes, or a cleft in the eye. Many of them will have additional needs or other health challenges. Some will be told there’s no hope that their child will ever see. They may feel hopeless and alone – but they are not alone and there is hope.



MACS is the UK’s national charity for children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes. We help 1800 people across the UK, supporting them at each stage of their journey by providing peer support, financial aid and opportunities to take part in life-changing activity trips.


Please give all you can, either in the collection bucket in the reception, or via the Griffin Schools Trust donation portal. Simply choose the amount you are able to donate to this worthy cause and then click ‘Next’ to then direct your donation to the MACs charity. Click on this link to make a donation


Mr Clifford would love to see and hear families cheering for him along the route, so if you can, please do go along to the marathon route and lend your support. Otherwise, the Marathon is televised, so you may see him on TV!


Thank you for supporting this worthy charity and showing our children how we can all make a positive difference to those in need.