Willow Brook Recognised for Raising Awareness of Sustainable Travel

We are delighted to share that the joint work the school and PTA have done to raise awareness of road safety and sustainable travel, has been recognised by Transport for London. This has led to us being accredited in the TfL Stars scheme and paves the way for more admirable actions!

Read the letter below for more insight:



Dear Willowbrook Primary School,


I am delighted to announce that your school has achieved BRONZE standard for its Transport for London STARS Travel Plan. I would like to thank yourself and the school community for all your hard work over the past academic year.


As a BRONZE school, you have started your journey towards a safer, healthier school environment.


Throughout the year, you have participated in the Council’s or created your own events and activities to raise the awareness of road safety and sustainable transport, as well as complete the annual travel to school survey.


Your school is now one of 1,500 schools in London making positive changes to improve your school’s local streets and raise road safety awareness amongst pupils, parents and staff.


You have contributed to the massive effort to raise road safety and sustainable travel awareness in schools. In 2015, Waltham Forest had only three schools accredited under this Transport for London scheme, however this year we now have 57 STARS accredited schools!


Please continue with your great work this academic year and we can assist you with achieving Silver or Gold next time around!


I congratulate you all again for your excellent efforts towards making Waltham Forest, and London, a safer, greener and healthier place.


Kind regards,


Cllr Clyde Loakes

Deputy Leader & Environment Portfolio Holder

LB Waltham Forest