The Creative Music Ensemble @ Willow Brook

Huge thanks to the Waltham Forest Music Service for the third Creative Ensemble, hosted at Willow Brook during the half term.

We were delighted to welcome into school budding musicians from across the borough who came together to create and then perform a totally original set of music!

Their focus was exceptional and the parents and carers who came to see the performance at the end of the third day.

Pupils from Willow Brook, already keen musicians has this to say of their experience,

These three days have been extraordinary. We have learnt many different instruments and we can now make original music with them. We have enjoyed picking up on other pupil’s ideas and turning these into a masterpiece, which sounds brilliant! We would like to thank all the  teachers who helped bring this community together and help other students. I think everyone would like to do it again. Thanks for every second of this!