Pupil Art work exhibited in Willow Brook Gallery

We are proud to announce that we have more pupil artwork currently on display in our Gallery Space. This is the second exhibition and showcases the outstanding skills our Year 6 Pupils have developed while at Willow Brook. The images of London skylines and landmarks have been carefully selected to work alongside each other, creating a whole which is greater than parts.

The second part of the exhibition is a powerful and political piece of collaborative art, where pupils tackle the theme of ‘Protest.’


Inspired by the efforts of a pupil who left Willow Brook in 2016, pupils have written directly to the Government to protest at the inadequacies and negligence which led to the Grenfell disaster. The heartfelt and charged letters have been arranged to resemble tower block windows on two large boards of simple plywood – the sort of cheap material used in construction.

Please do arrange to view these works by appointment.



Text supporting the Grenfell Protest piece is as follows: