Science Week, Day 5 – Scientists of the future


Today was the final day in what has been a truly inspiring Science week. Together we have awakened ourselves to […]

Science Week, Day 4 – Practical Action


Today has seen the children using and applying their knowledge to find answers to the problems faced by the tomato […]

Science Week, Day 3 – Separation


One aspect of Science is thinking critically and asking curious questions that broaden and widen the understanding of the world […]

Here are some amazing photos from day 2 of Science Week!



How do things GROW?!


The sun truly shone on day 2 of our fantastic Science week and we spent so much of our learning […]

Year 6 Dance Lesson with Lammas


Our Year 6 children have been tapping into the potential of peer learning, by exploring dance with some of the students […]

Here are some amazing photos from day 1 of Science Week!


Can you make a boat float?   –

Science Week, day 1 – Can you make a boat float?


We are so happy to welcome back every member of our school community today! The 8th of March also sees […]

More amazing photos from World Book Day!


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The photos are fabulous and the entries have been so impressive on World Book Day!


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