GAF 2020 Day 5 – Festival of Festivals (10.07.2020)


Today we are going to celebrate all our creativity and create our very own festival.


Imagine This

Can you create or find some decorations and hang them in your chosen room? How about setting the table for a picnic or dinner party? Gather your family and toys ready for the celebration. Get cooking in the kitchen and ask an adult to help prepare some scrumptious food. Dress up in your best clothes or costumes and don’t forget the mask you made and get ready to have lots of fun!


Imagine That

Now that you have set up your festival, take part in our celebration song with Mr Pinniger. He has created a tutorial on the song ‘A Million Dreams’ from the film The Greatest Showman. The narrative of this song is about believing in yourself and following your dreams. Share your dreams and ideas with someone you know- maybe you can inspire them? Remember anything is possible when you believe!


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