Enabling Enterprise Experience

The Year 5 students are in their second year of Enabling Enterprise, taking part in a range of projects in school including the ‘Operation Moonbase‘ Challenge Day and a lesson-time project where they designed and marketed their own chocolate bars. With so much experience of working in teams and developing their enterprise skills, they were ready for a challenge in a professional context.

The pupils were thrown into the world of law, learning a host of new vocabulary: from compliance to contracts and lawyers to legal. Following a tour of the offices – seeing the open plan working space and lovely views from the “Lighthouse” room – these Year 5s were ready for their negotiation challenge. Taking on the role of lawyers the children had to prepare to represent their clients, exploring case files to understand the situation and what they needed to argue.

The first case was a negotiation about whether Top Trains could build a new railway line, or if it would be stopped by the lawyers representing Wigglestock Birdwatchers who were worried about the destruction of rare birds’ habitat. With such a difficult case, despite their hard work the teams were stumped in finding a compromise!
Then it was time to hear from MegaMovies, who want to film on the Elmington Estate. But will the residents be too worried about the disruption it will cause to their lives? During the negotiation, it seems that both sides saw a way to go ahead, by compromising with MegaMovies hiring locals to take part in the film and learn new skills.
The volunteers from Axiom were wowed by the fantastic use of persuasive techniques shown by the Willow Brook pupils. A great day all round!

“The children were all enthusiastic and loved the experience of being in a real life business within central London, getting to liaise and work with employees from the company”” – Teacher, Willow Brook Primary
“The children are enthusiastic, which is vital and learnt how to compromise and hwo to create an argument” – Volunteer, Axiom
“I enjoyed standing up and talking about our ideas, and I was proud of this because I am usually quite shy” – Student, Willow Brook Primary
Thanks to Axiom for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from Willow Brook Primary for coming along.