Early Christmas at Willow Brook

Last night, Christmas came early for Willow Brook.


Our new best friends from GoodGym https://www.goodgym.org/ ran to WB, loaded most of the sand from the car park and ran it in wheelbarrows to the EYFS playground and put it in the sand pit. This was a big job, and our SSOs are always busy, so this is an enormous help. What a lovely, early Christmas present!


They are a wonderful group and will be supporting us further with similar jobs. If you would like to get involved with this brilliant initiative, please follow the above link.

This all happened in the dark and wet (hence the blurry images!) as these superstars will not let a little thing like winter weather or night get in the way of making a positive change in the world.


You can see the whole event at https://www.goodgym.org/reports/life-s-a-beach-d8c42f39-7501-43d6-b341-08576eb40c43 


As you can see, our pupils wasted no time in getting busy in making sand castles and developing their fine and gross motor skills. Thanks from them, Goodgym!